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Upcoming and current exhibitions

March — May 2018

Adriana Corral

Unearthed: Desenterrado

Unearthed: Desenterrado is an outdoor, site-specific artwork by Texas-based artist Adriana Corral that speaks to the deeply rooted history between the United States and Mexico.

February — April 2018

Curated by Cortney Lane Stell in collaboration with Black Cube

RedLine 10x - 10th Anniversary Retrospective Resident Artist Exhibition

RedLine's 10th anniversary program series launched on on February 2nd with the opening reception for 10X, an exhibition that celebrates ten years of RedLine's Artist-in-Residence program.

past exhibitions

December — December 2017

Black Cube

Drive-In: Car Culture

A one-night exhibition where artists' use their car as an exhibition space.

September — October 2017

Institute for New Feeling


Avalanche is an enhanced water drink designed by the artist collective Institute for New Feeling. The ...

August — August 2017

Pop Up Experiment

Drive-In: Personal Space

Drive-In: Personal Space is the first exhibition in a series of one-night pop up exhibitions featuring...

May — November 2017

Personal Structures

Black Cube is partnering with the GAA Foundation, a Dutch non-profit organization, to host a large-sca...

December — March 2017

Stephanie Kantor

The Sometimes Pop Up Kiosk

Stephanie Kantor's Alumni Project, a pop up kiosk off of the 16th Street Mall in Denver.

September — February 2017


Unclassified Site Museum

Unclassified Site Museum is a art installation that reveals a city block-long archeological dig.

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