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June 15 2018

Listen to Plants Sing Inside a Downtown Oasis at Understudy

Article written by 303 Magazine - The small room wedged between a busy RTD Light Rail and the bustling streets in front of the Convention Center doesn’t seem like the most opportune location to build a sanctuary worthy of meditating. Of course, that small room is Understudy — an art incubator that exhibits different artists every month — and Understudy loves disrupting the norms.

June 15 2018

Feline fine: downtown Denver gets new cat installation

Article written by The Art Newspaper - An alleyway in Denver has been invaded by a group of 300 life-sized feline tchotchkes in a semi-cute, semi-frightening installation by the local artist, Kelly Monico.

June 15 2018

If you’ve ever wished Denver’s alleys were more like your cat lady neighbor’s living room then boy are you in luck

Article written by Denverite - Don’t be alarmed, but there are a bunch of cats in a Denver alley. They’re fake, and they’re art. You’ll find the phony felines, installed by artist Kelly Monico, between 14th and 15th streets west of Larimer Street. “Alley Cats” is one of five alley meowlley installations in downtown Denver, all part of “Between Us: The Downtown Denver Alleyways Project.”

May 18 2018

Denver Gets a Happiness Intervention

Article written by 5280 Magazine - David Ehrlich, Denver Theatre District’s executive director, told 5280 that “Happy City: Art for the People” is about breaking down barriers between Denver residents. Under the direction of nomadic art museum Black Cube, 11 artists from Colorado and beyond present work exploring mental health through an artistic lens.

May 17 2018

Get Ready To Smile: New Downtown Art Will Give Denver A ‘Happy City’ Makeover

Article Written By CPR - You’ll soon be able to check your emotional baggage at Denver’s Union Station. Just look for the big booth with gold letters that declares “Emotional Baggage Drop.” British artist Stuart Semple says the idea is for you to “leave behind an emotional issue with a stranger.

May 16 2018

Union Station will have a place for all your emotional baggage

Broadcast by 9 News - An artist is giving locals a place to put their emotional baggage - and feel heard.