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Artist VVrkshop by Paddy Johnson

This workshop is led by Paddy Johnson, a contributor to Black Cube’s recently published book, A Nomadic Art Museum: Black Cube 2015 – 2020. In line with our mission to support the sustainability of artists, Black Cube is organizing this free workshop exclusively for artists to strengthen their professional practice and communication skills. The workshop gives artists the necessary skills and tools needed to build a professional practice. Through writing exercises, web presence guidance, and coaching tips, artists will learn how to attract more opportunities and build their careers.


Paddy Johnson is the founding editor of the contemporary art blog Art F City and co-founder of the collaborative national publishing project Impractical Spaces. She was the first recipient of the Arts Writers Grant for blogging and was a two-time nominee for Best Critic at the Rob Pruitt Awards. She has contributed to the New York Times, VICE, CNN, the Observer, Frieze, and The Art Newspaper. She teaches new media art and writing at Parsons and NJCU in New York. Recently, she launched VVrkshop, an educational web-based platform for arts professionals.