Building the Black Cube Identity

An Interview with Anagrama

Black Cube: Can you introduce yourselves? Where are you based? What is the studio's design sensibilities?

Anagrama: We’re a multidisciplinary agency established in Mexico. We have offices in Monterrey and Mexico City working with projects all around the world. The studio specializes in the creation of captivating experiences throughout diverse brand contact points including identity creation, brand application development, architecture, interior design, and interactive experiences.

BC: What is the most important aspect of building a brand identity?

A: First of all, we need to understand the message that we want to communicate across the brand and how it conveys with the company’s offering. We then get a grasp of what our main business objectives are and the project attributes that we can highlight. In the end, the most important aspect is maintaining consistency throughout the brand.

BC: What was the inspiration behind the Black Cube brand?

A: To create a brand that would speak about art in a modern and timeless way. We wanted Black Cube to stand out with its unique mobile and flexible concept so we could establish a direct day-to-day dialogue between art, the artist, and the spectator.

BC: What is your favorite aspect of the Black Cube brand?

A: The typographic component, icon treatment, and wordmark create a visual system that embraces the concept and unifies the elements in a neutral and harmonic way.

BC: What is your favorite aspect of the Black Cube website?

A: As with our branding, within our web design we look to generate experiences. Our favorite part from this website is how it finds balance between something simple like a monochromatic color palette and some elements of surprise such as the holographic foil and dynamic texts that make the website a different experience that stands out among any other website in that same industry.

BC: What is next for Anagrama?

A: Continue contributing to the world with enriching cultural experiences expressed through our work. We want to keep creating, designing and learning from each of the incredible projects & clients that come in contact with our studio.