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Hello from Black Cube


Hello from Black Cube

We are Black Cube. Welcome to the new nomadic contemporary art museum… where white walls and gallery space are no longer required... where art seeks out the public instead of the public having to seek out art... where artists’ conceptual ideas are the basis for EVERYTHING... where art appears in uncommon, unusual and sometimes everyday places.... where artists can build sustainable careers doing what they love... where everything you knew about the “conventional” art world is tossed aside.

Experience the art of today through a nomadic contemporary art museum that not only increases access to contemporary art, but simultaneously supports artists’ careers. Founded by artist and philanthropist Laura Merage, and operated by Executive Director and Chief Curator, Cortney L. Stell, Black Cube operates outside the boundaries of a physical building.

We begin by asking our artist fellows to think of an ambitious site-specific project. Our only limits are the project must be feasible, accessible, interesting, and ambitious enough to help move the artist’s career. From there, we explore the production of an affordable artwork (which we call Art Objects) for our shop. This helps artists experiment with new markets and ways to diversify their income. We want to eliminate the need for artists to wait tables and spend time doing things that don’t relate to their practice or creative output.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we work with artists to set achievable goals for their practice and help them to accomplish those goals. We want to work with artists in a holistic way; after all, what is a museum without artists?! Our hope is that these pop up exhibitions expose a wide range of audiences who might not regularly find themselves in artistic atmospheres to contemporary art. The scale, nontraditional location, and ongoing commitment of Black Cube to each individual project underscore the dynamic of our continually evolving spirit – the spirit of building larger audiences for the art of our time.

Welcome to Black Cube. Welcome to the new age of contemporary art. Engage with us.