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W.A.G.E-ing Our Love for Artists


Black Cube has officially been granted pending certification status by the New York-based organization, Working Artists and the Greater Economy, known as W.A.G.E.

As a W.A.G.E. Certified organization, we agree to fair compensation for artist projects. All organizations are technically “pending” for their first year until they are able to prove that they have paid fair wages for that year. Why? Because it’s the honest and fair thing to do.

As you may know, Black Cube upholds the belief that art is an essential part of a vibrant, just, and healthy society…and, this starts with the artists themselves. Black Cube strives to help artists realize the value of their work and to develop sustainable practices. Thus, W.A.G.E. certification is a no-brainer.

On average, the majority (about 58.4%) of artist respondents to the W.A.G.E. survey said they did not receive any form of compensation or expenses covered for exhibitions they participated in. This is ridiculous. Seriously.

At Black Cube, we are very happy to be the first institution in the western region (besides California) to be recognized and supported by W.A.G.E., and we hope other art institutions will follow suite and make the pledge to fairly compensate artists for their hard work.

Black Cube will continue to advocate and bring much-needed attention to the economic inequalities artists are faced with daily, and through this, we hope to inspire change in the greater cultural economy. For more details, check out our recent announcement on the W.A.G.E. website as well as more info on their certification background!

W.A.G.E-ing Our Love for Artists