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Group Exhibition

clock-watching is an experimental group exhibition that subverts the measurement of time on a historic clock tower in downtown Denver. Rather than keep time in the traditional sense—by seconds, minutes, and hours—this exhibition explores tracking time by the day of the week through a series of newly commissioned nighttime video projections. Collectively, these digital artworks acknowledge the perception of time slowing down during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The month-long exhibition features a 7-day rotation of videos by seven artists, which explore an array of subjects—from abstract, painterly landscapes that unveil a slow, organic passage of time to a longing reflection on pre-pandemic weekend partying. The animated, digital artworks are projected nightly onto the clock tower’s facade on a set, looped schedule that correspond to a particular day of the week. In turn, the artworks generate an unconventional notion of time that highlights our standardized and cyclical relationship with the 7-day week. clock-watching offers a new meditation each day and examines our connection to time at a moment when our day-to-day has radically changed.

Projection schedule: 
Mondays – WANG Chen, The Sin Park (excerpt)
Tuesdays – Sabrina Ratté, Radiances IV
Wednesdays – Michael Menchaca, A Cage Without Borders
Thursdays – Stephan Herrera, Digby’s Daydream [Thursday Afternoon]
Fridays – Esther Hz, History Repeating
Saturdays – Thea Lazăr, Shadows of Saturdays Past
Sundays – Jan Chan, Purring • HK-London

Special Thanks:
This project is in partnership with Night Lights Denver, which is operated by the Denver Theatre District

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