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Black Cube is a tax-deductible, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All of our programming is free and open to the public, which wouldn’t be possible without your generous support. Your contribution will go towards making our exhibitions and programs accessible to the widest possible audience, while supporting the sustainability of artists.

***Following special tax law changes, cash donations of up to $300 made before December 31, 2020 are now deductible when you file your return in 2021—even if you take the standard deduction.***

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Project Fund

We are nomadic, which means our projects can travel anywhere. We work with contemporary artists to produce newly commissioned site-specific artworks in the Colorado region, nationally, and internationally. Your gift allows us to operate without the boundaries of a traditional museum to bring art to communities near and far.

Artist Fellowship Fund

Our mission is to support the sustainability of today’s artists. We care for artists by providing curatorial guidance, professional development support, and unique exhibition platforms. Your gift supports our artist fellows and alumni, giving them the opportunity to produce ambitious art projects.

Program Fund

We invite leading curators, critics, and scholars of the contemporary art world each year to present engaging public lectures. These lectures take the form of symposiums or roundtable discussions, intended to help local artists and art enthusiasts gain a greater understanding of contemporary art.

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is a critical financial resource for the livelihood of our organization’s mission and legacy. It helps keep our exhibitions and programming free and open to all. Additionally, your gift contributes to our everyday functions and operational support that make Black Cube a reality.

In-Kind Gifts

In-kind gifts play an important role in our organization’s nomadism. Ranging from site access for our pop up exhibitions to beverages for our public events, in-kind giving can take many forms. For more information about how you can provide in-kind support, please email us at