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A Nomadic Art Museum: Black Cube 2015 – 2020

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— A Nomadic Art Museum: Black Cube 2015 – 2020

This book examines the reemergence of site-specific contemporary art in the American West and beyond, as seen through the oeuvre of Black Cube, a nomadic contemporary art museum.

A Nomadic Art Museum: Black Cube 2015 – 2020 surveys groundbreaking, site-specific art projects produced by Black Cube during its first five years, which span across the United States and Europe. Through a visual compendium of ambitious, experimental, and momentary artworks, this book explores art in the public realm outside of conventional gallery spaces. The extensive chapters feature over eighty artists and highlight documentation of thirty-five situational art projects that materialize in unusual places like abandoned bus terminals, gold mining towns, iconic modernist chapels, and even cars. This book encompasses five years of the roving museum’s collaborative ethos and driving mission—the commitment to venturing into the unknown, realizing artists’ bold ideas, and reaching new audiences. In addition to contributions from the institution’s Founder, Laura Merage, and Chief Curator, Cortney Lane Stell, A Nomadic Art Museum includes key texts by writers Angella d’Avignon and Paddy Johnson that assess Black Cube’s formative years and the significance of site-specific contemporary art in today’s world.


A Nomadic Art Museum: Black Cube 2015 – 2020 would not have been possible without generous and sustained support from the David and Laura Merage Foundation.

All proceeds benefit Black Cube’s program fund.


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