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TWYMF Virtual Artist Brunch w/ Tya Alisa Anthony

Sunday, November 1, 2020
11am - 12pm MT

Past Event

— TWYMF Virtual Artist Brunch w/ Tya Alisa Anthony

Hi Denver artists! We are continuing our monthly Talk With Your Mouth Full artist brunch online. November’s TWYMF will be the last program of the year with featured artist Tya Alisa Anthony.

→ Tya will pose questions/topics to the group for discussion focused on how to maintain consistency within your practice during the pandemic, the future of materiality, and networking at a time when social media platforms are becoming unfavorable. This program is intended to be a casual conversation amongst artists—not an artist talk. We encourage everyone to take part in the convo via chat or video. Use this as a platform to listen, share, and exchange ideas with your fellow artists.

→ Following the discussion, we’ll wrap up with a short cooking demo from artist and caterer, Sophie Lynn Morris. Sophie will be sharing a recipe on how to make caprese salad (Tya’s selected brunch item) that everyone can make at home using simple ingredients.

about the featured artist
Tya Alisa Anthony is an interdisciplinary artist and curator who lives and works in Denver. While her research-driven artist practice is an investigation of Ritual interspersed in our daily lives, her curatorial practice observes, reimagines, and preserves inclusive spaces for people of color. Tya is the Executive Director and Founder of Mahogany Vu Contemporary Art, an online thriving gallery for BIPOC. Currently, she is developing a socially responsible, action-driven exhibition, FROM THIS DAY FORWARD, to be shown at BMoCA (Spring of 2021).

about our caterer
Sophie Lynn Morris holds a BFA from Pratt and her multimedia works are often conceptually motivated. In addition to being an artist, Sophie is a caterer and has an extensive culinary portfolio, including recent work with Ela Family Farms and interning for Martha Stewart Living.

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