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John Roemer


May 2018 – May 2019

General Information

Black Cube Curatorial Project 
In partnership with the Denver Theatre District 

Baker-Miller-Pink is a public installation featuring a triptych billboard outside of the Buell Theatre by Denver-based artist John Roemer. Exploring the research behind the psychological effects of the color Baker-Miller pink, the monochromatic work seeks to positively influence public space.

In the 1960s Alexander Schauss, director of the American Institute for Biosocial Research, studied the impact of pink in relation to human health and behavior. He discovered that a particular pink hue lowered the heart rate and respiration of people exposed to it. The name of the color, Baker and Miller, was established after Schauss tested the color’s response in military correctional facility cells.

Passive pink, as it is nicknamed, is a dramatic example of many attempts to use light and color to influence human behavior. By repurposing the billboard format to engage diverse audiences, Roemer's Baker-Miller-Pink brings an introspective experience to the surrounding city – an urban environment typically filled with marketing and directional signage.

This project is a part of Happy City: Art for the People, a six-week, citywide art intervention initiated by British artist Stuart Semple with the purpose of breaking down personal, emotional, and social barriers, while nurturing individual and collective well-being. Happy City is produced by the Denver Theatre District with artistic direction by Black Cube.

<p><p>Black Cube Curatorial Project <br />In partnership with the Denver Theatre District </p></p>

Special thanks to our funding partners: Bonfils-Stanton Foundation, Community First Foundation, Denver Arts & Venues, Downtown Denver Business Improvement District, Downtown Denver Partnership, McWHINNEY, P.S. You Are Here, Sage Hospitality, and VISIT DENVER.

Photo credit: Third Dune Productions