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Anuar Maauad


September 2019 — September 2020 

General Information

Black Cube Fellowship Project 

SHARE is a series of 100 small-scale, bronze, sculptural text installations by Mexico City-based artist and Black Cube Fellow, Anuar Maauad. The artworks are installed on building facades throughout the Denver area. Each sculptural phrase mimics the thick, geometric, slab serif font and gold coloring of the iconic Trump Tower sign. Contrary to the Trump Tower sign, Maauad’s series of text installations are approachable in scale and relay an uplifting message: “To share is precious, pure, and fair.” The phrase is a lyric from “I Want You” by American singer and songwriter Marvin Gaye. In doing so, the artist subtly transforms an icon synonymous with power into an artwork that symbolizes kindness.

Further, by engaging numerous public sites throughout the city and encouraging members of the community to disseminate a positive anecdote, the artist is quite literally acting out the message of his work.

In line with the spirit of generosity, the artworks remain as gifts to participants who agree to publicly display the artwork for the duration of at least one year.

Want to see the artwork in real life [IRL]?
Locations are dispersed throughout the Denver Metro Area and include residences, businesses, coffee shops, nonprofit organizations, offices, fences, and more. The artworks are small in scale with each letter measuring only 2 inches tall. This is intentional, as the works are intended to encourage curiosity and be delightful surprises to passersby. Below are several public locations where you can find the artworks installed: 

Art Students League of Denver; Annex Building
Black Cube Headquarters
Bombus Radio
Bull & Bear Courtyard; Larimer Square
Consolidated Investment Group
David B. Smith Gallery
Ellen Bruss Design
From the Hip Photo
Globeville Recreation Center
Iliff School of Theology
Latino Cultural Arts Center
LN House (next to MCA Denver)
Hijos del Sol
Next Stage Gallery; Denver Performing Arts Complex
open studio | architecture
Pasternack's Art Hub
PonPon / Lane Meyer Projects
Port Side
Stanley Marketplace
RedLine Contemporary Art Center
Red Delicious Press

Want to participate in displaying this artwork on your building?
We have a few artworks still remaining! We are actively seeking building facade locations in the Denver Metro Area that are highly trafficked and accessible to the public. To inquire, please email us at

Note, we request that you display the artwork for the duration of at least one year. Following, the artwork remains a gift to you. The artwork is accompanied by a custom-made box and Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist. 

<p><p>Black Cube Fellowship Project </p></p>
<p><p>Black Cube Fellowship Project </p></p>

Very special thanks to the Denverites who are supporting this project by displaying Anuar Maauad's artwork on their building.