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The Fulfillment Center

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The Fulfillment Center


September 13, 2019 – February 14, 2020

General Information

Public Hours:
⇢ 11am – 3pm on Fridays beginning January 10 – February 14, 2020

On view at Black Cube’s newly opened headquarters (BCHQ), The Fulfillment Center presents commissioned artworks that respond to the hidden aspects of ecommerce logistics. By bringing together innovative artworks by 18 local, national, and international contemporary artists, this exhibition considers the changing context of warehouses under the digital economy.

As the global economy grows in tandem with the expanding ecommerce landscape, logistics management and Fulfillment Centers are reshaping our world­. In this exhibition, artists reflect on a timely subject, investigating and questioning the influences of a rapidly developing, colossal industry. The Fulfillment Center weaves together a series of artworks that look at topics such as labor, commodities, shipping and receiving, international relations, and more. In doing so, viewers are asked to contemplate today’s consumerism—its impact and evolution—through the lens of contemporary art.

Alejandro Almanza Pereda (Guadalajara) 
Mauricio Alejo (Mexico City)
Kate Casanova (Denver)
Joseph Coniff (Denver)
Jennifer Ling Datchuk (San Antonio)
Stephanie Kantor (Philadelphia)
Sammy Seung-min Lee (Denver)
PLAYLAB, INC. (New York)
Adam Milner (New York)
Jonathan Fletcher Moore (Los Angeles)
Coleman Mummery (Denver)
Zach Reini (Denver)
SANGREE (Mexico City)
Nina Sarnelle (Los Angeles)
Laura Shill (Los Angeles)
Momoyo Torimitsu (New York)
Natalija Vujošević (Montenegro)

<p><p><span>Public Hours: </span><br />⇢ 11am – 3pm on Fridays beginning January 10 – February 14, 2020</p></p>

Special thanks to the David and Laura Merage Foundation for supporting this exhibition. 

Photo credit: Third Dune Productions