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2017 Artist Fellow

Adriana Corral

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Unearthed: Desenterrado March 9th, 2018

Adriana Corral is based in Texas. Her installations, performances, and sculptures embody universal themes of loss, human rights violations, concealment, and memory. Corral employs a rigorous researched based practice where anthropologists, writers, journalists, gender scholars, human rights attorneys, and victims provide her with the foundation for her works.

Corral received her Masters of Fine Arts from The University of Texas at Austin and completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Texas at El Paso. In 2016 Corral was invited to attend the 106th session of the Working Group on Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. She was also selected for the Joan Mitchell Foundation Emerging Artist Grant and named Artists to Watch 18 exceptional new talents by Modern Painters. She recently attended the International Artist-in-Residence at Artpace and the Künstlerhaus Bethanien Residency in Berlin, Germany.

Sous Rature, ‘Under Erasure,’ installation detail, 2016, bullet/bomb resistant glass 4x8ftx1 inch, and 4x8x6 ft burial plot — View detail

Sous Rature, ‘Under Erasure,’ installation detail, 2016, Recreated versions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by combining soil and gypsum to make the first four pages (tablets) and then ash and gypsum for the remaining four pages (tablets), ta — View detail

Sous Rature, ‘Under Erasure,’ installation detail, 2016, 4x8x6 ft burial plot — View detail

Impunidad, Circulo Vicioso, 2015, Acetone, female (Campo Algodón case, Juarez Chihuahua, MX) and male (43 students, case, Iguala, Guerrero, MX) victim names transferred and layered onto gessobord, 4x8ft. — View detail

Memento, site-specific installation, 2013, female victim names (Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico) transferred onto (3) walls: acetone, ash burial plot in the center of the space (dimensions of plot, 4ft x 8ft x1inch). Ashes obtained from burned name listings tra — View detail

Per Legem Terrae, site-specific installation, 2014, Female victim names transferred onto wall (wall dimensions, 12x18ft), soil and ash sifted onto floor 16x16ft x 1inch, ashes from burned paper lists of victim names, soil collected along US/Mexican (El Pa — View detail

Quebrar el Silencio (Break the Silence), performance, 2011,four hundred and fifty ceramic body bag tags, dimensions vary — View detail

Voces de las Perdidas (Voices of the lost), site-specific installation, 2010, ceramic body bag tags, soil from crime site of Campo Algodón case, dimensions vary — View detail

Within the Ashes, site-specific installation/performance, 2013, aerial map view of Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, marked mass graves sites (in red dried pigment): ashes from burned paper lists of victim names mixed with red dried pigment, dimensions vary. — View detail