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2019 Artist Fellow

Anuar Maauad

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SHARE September 25th, 2019

Anuar Maauad (b. 1984) lives and works in Mexico City. Maauad’s recent work examines the relationship between the political identity and social memory, and the subject of the perceptive experience. He received his BS in Architecture from the Universidad de Las Américas, Puebla, and a BFA from La Esmeralda (Escuela Nacional de Pintura, Escultura y Grabado), Mexico City. In 2010, he founded Casa Maauad, a non-for-profit residency program based in Mexico City that operated for seven years. His work can be found in significant collections, including the Jumex Foundation in Mexico, as well as the Costantini Collection in Argentina. 

Terror 1, 2016, bronze, metal wire — View detail

Terror Series, Monumentos, anti-monumentos y nueva escultura pública (installation view, curated by Pablo Leon de la Barra, Museo de Arte Zapopan, Zapopan, MX), 2017 — View detail

Hombre de Bronce 2, 2018, bronze — View detail

This Modern House for Sale (installation detail), 2018 — View detail

Rumor, 2017, digital print and bronze, (part of This Modern House for Sale, 2018) — View detail

Terror 2, 2016, plaster, metal wire — View detail

La Oruga — View detail

La Negación la Pintura Mexicana, 2017, canvas and bronze, triptych — View detail