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Desirée Holman

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Sophont in Action October 1st, 2015

Desirée Holman lives and works in Oakland, California. Holman’s multi-sensory work positions theatrical tools, such as costumes or props, in settings that illuminate ideas of identity, knowledge, and the complexities of the human psyche. Holman holds a Masters degree from the University of California at Berkeley. Earning critical acclaim for her work, Holman was awarded a San Francisco Modern Museum of Art SECA Award in 2008, and in 2007, was awarded the Artadia: The Fund for Art and Dialogue award.

Solo exhibitions of her work include the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, and the Berkeley Art Museum’s MATRIX program. International exhibitions of Holman’s work include the Sao Paulo Museum of Modern Art, Hessel Museum, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Milan’s BnD, and Toronto’s YYZ. Reviews of Holman’s work appeared in numerous publications including Artforum, Los Angeles Times, NY Arts, Artillery, San Francisco Chronicle and Artweek. Holman is represented by Aspect/Ratio in Chicago.

Heterotopias, 2011 three channel video total video run time= 13 min Installation at the Berkeley Art Museum, MATRIX exhibition — View detail

Black Cube project 'Sophont in Action' — View detail

Not Cliff (Conduits of Fantasy) 1, 2007/2009 color pencil on paper — View detail

From Troglodyte to Sophont, 2014 billboard The Art City Project, San Francisco CA — View detail

Reborn, 2009 three channel video total video run time= 13 min Installation at the UCLA Hammer Museum — View detail

The Magic Window, 2007 three channel video total video run time= 15 min Installation at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art — View detail

Sophont in Action, June 28, 2014 live performance diRosa Museum & Wildlife Preserve, Napa, CA — View detail

Mask of Agamemnon (Diffuse Map), 2011 Color Pencil Mixed Media on Paper — View detail

Milkies, 2009 color pencil on paper — View detail