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Devon Dikeou

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Tricia Nixon: Summer of 1973 June 28th, 2018

Devon Dikeou (b. 1963, Denver CO) lives and works in Austin, Denver, and New York City. Recent solo exhibitions include "Pray for Me"—Pope Francis I at James Fuentes, New York City (2017); Please, Outcasts Incorporated, Paris (2015); Between the Acts: Virginia Woolf, Nada Art Fair, Miami Beach (2014); Pray For Me, Nada Art Fair, New York City (2014); Please, The Contemporary, Austin (2013); and It's Deja vu All Over Again at 179 Canal, New York City (2010). Recent group exhibitions include Sit-In at September, Hudson, NY (2018), The Mere Future at American Medium, New York City (2017); Group Exhibition, James Fuentes LLC, New York City (2017); Foundation Barbin Presents Redeux (Sort of), Kai Matsumiya, New York City (2016); Game Changer, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder (2014); and NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash, and No Star, at New Museum, New York City (2013). Devon was a Winter 2011 Artist-in-Residence at Artpace San Antonio. In 2017, she received the DAM Key Award from the Denver Art Museum in recognition of her impact on the contemporary art community throughout Colorado. In 2018, she conducted a Logan Lecture at the Denver Art Museum. Devon Dikeou is the founder, editor, and publisher of zingmagazine, and curator and cofounder, with brother Pany Dikeou, of the Dikeou Collection in downtown Denver. She is currently a Black Cube Resident at FUTURA in Prague, Czech Republic. Her retrospective “Mid-Career Smear” will open in February 2019, curated by Cortney Stell.

“WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT?” The Dikeou Collection 1991: Ongoing, Lobby Directory Board Listing Artists, Curators, and Location of the Dikeou Collection for Given Dates — View detail

“ASPHALT JUNGLE”: PAY HERE; KOLN 1991 Ongoing, Floor: Asphalt Installed on Top of Gallery Floor to Create Sections of 12 Spaces of an Abstract 100 Space Parking Lot‚ Parking Lines‚ and Numbers Painted on Asphalt to Delineate Parking Spaces — View detail


CAJOLE: ORIENTAL OPULENCE 1992: Ongoing, Artificial Flowers and Plants, Plant Identification Sign, Mirrored Planter Replicating Mall Ambiance — View detail

NINEY: LA BOHEME 2007, C-Print of Niney as Airplane Clothing/Jewelry, Modeled by the Artist, Mounted on Aluminum with Non-Glare Plexiglas Surface — View detail

NOT QUITE MRS DE MENIL’S LIQUOR CLOSET 1991: Ongoing, Walls: The Artist’s Collection of Gifted, Traded, Charity Generated Art Work Displayed in a Closet at an Art Fair Replicating the Liquor Closet of the Collector Mrs De Menil, with Shelving, Glassware, — View detail

“ONE LITTLE PIGGY ATE ROAST BEEF, ONE LITTLE PIGGY HAD NONE” 1991 Ongoing Professional Meat Slicer‚ Table where Happening Occurred, Mini Refrigerator, with Leftovers Happening: 100 Pounds of Roast Beef, Sliced, Served in Sandwiches, and Consumed in Variab — View detail

“TAKES A LICKING, AND KEEPS ON TICKING”—Timex Ad Campaign Detail: 179 Canal Version 1991 Ongoing Time Clock Rack with Viewer’s Signature Cards — View detail

PEEP 1991 Ongoing Detail: Peephole View Inside Ballroom Functioning Backward Peephole Installed for Viewing Private Bathroom from Outside the Bathroom — View detail

WE'D LIKE TO GET TO KNOW YOU 1991 Ongoing Tom Dixon Goblets, Placard Querying Viewer's for Business Cards with the Potential to Win Prize, After Dinner Mints, Viewer’s Business Cards — View detail

SECURITY KIOSK 1990 Three Dimensional Security Gate Installation with 3 Gates and 2 Sheets of Galvanized Steel — View detail