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2018 Artist Fellow

Jaimie Henthorn

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Cadet Chapel | Chapel Cadet January 23rd, 2020

Jaimie Henthorn was born in 1978 in Chicago and currently lives and works in Denver, Colorado. Henthorn uses site-specific performance to disrupt the understanding and experience of architecture. Henthorn has gained permission to create works at iconic sites such as the Bauhaus and the Salk Institute; by doing so her works often reveal under-represented truths of these historic structures. Through choreographed performances that relate to architectural space, Henthorn endeavors to shift perceptions of iconic spaces to foster a more dynamic relationship to all built environments. Henthorn holds a PhD in Creative Practice from Trinity Laban Conservatoire, London, and an MFA from Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland. She currently lectures at the University of Colorado Denver. Her site-specific performances have been hosted by organizations such as the Mies van der Rohe Society, Denver Art Museum, and Mori Art Museum. Henthorn has published with the Journal for Artistic Research, Allotrope Press, Atopia Journal, and Metronome Press.

Articulated. Photographic series by Chris Ryan. 2010 — View detail

St Peter's Seminary Scotland. Photograph. 2011 — View detail

Figures in Spaces. Installation and performance. University of Edinburgh, Scotland. 2013 — View detail

Haus am Horn Weimar Bauhaus. Installation of photographic print on adhesive vinyl. 2014 — View detail

Haus am Horn Weimar Bauhaus. Photograph. 2012 — View detail

National Center for Atmospheric Research. Photograph. 2013 — View detail