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Holding Pattern

LA Samuelson

With dramaturgy by Elle Hong

A new performance and installation work by LA Samuelson, Holding Pattern experiments with the ways in which narrative functions as topographical phenomena—built up and broken down by bodily experience. Seated along one edge of a small, drained out swimming pool, the audience will peer down at a series of sculptural rooftops depicting a neighborhood partially submerged into its surroundings. Building off the artist's investigation into the interrelation between the outside and inside, both literally and metaphorically, Holding Pattern questions memory and presence, thoughts and actions, and probes the complex interrelation of these seemingly polar opposites.  

LA Samuelson is an interdisciplinary artist rooted in contemporary performance and sculpture. Their work follows the transmission of feeling across objects, sites, and bodies, searching for new strategies to help us bear impermanence, attachments to living, and to one another. Their investigation into the medium of performance persists in Holding Pattern, where a dancer will navigate the sculpture physically, sensorially, and emotionally in attempt to construct, reconstruct, remember, and expose the space. Holding Pattern considers what we can make out of what we no longer can remember but can still feel the shape of.

Performances occur the evenings of October 13 and 14, 2023 followed by an artist talk and reception. Free and open to the public. Registration is required due to limited seating capacity. 

Holding Pattern is presented by Black Cube Nomadic Art Museum with support from the INSITE Fund.

Special thanks to A-Lodge Boulder for hosting. Situated just two miles from downtown Boulder in beautiful Fourmile Canyon, A-Lodge Boulder offers renovated rooms and suites for those looking for an adventure in and around the Colorado Front Range. Their philosophy centers around the three A’s: Access, Adventure, Amenities.