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August 28 2018

Black Cube Czech Performance Artist to Denver for Exhibition in Secret Location

Written by 303 Magazine - Black Cube — a local “nomadic” museum — thrives on the element of surprise. Since the exhibitions Black Cube curates are almost always site-specific, each one presents viewers and artists a chance to step beyond the normal bounds of experiencing art and into the realm of the unknown.

August 26 2018

Devon Dikeou at Futura

Featured on Art Viewer - Devon Dikeou’s exhibition Tricia Nixon: Summer of 1973 is latently uncanny, as the audience is confronted with an exhibition space that feels vacant, yet occupied—domestic, yet sterile. Dikeou’s practice is a conceptual and physical bricolage composed of a diverse range of materials that range from memories to functional devices.

August 15 2018

Five Things for Art Lovers to Do and See This Weekend in Denver

Article written by Westword - It’s a big weekend for Black Cube, the independently curated, Denver-based nomadic museum, with two shows opening — Valley Boy, a solo exhibition by Black Cube alumnus Jon P. Geiger, on Friday, and a group installation pop-up, Drive-In: House of Cars, on Saturday.

August 10 2018

Five don’t-miss Denver art exhibits and events for the end of summer

Article written by The Know - I could go on and on about all of the arty and entertaining thrills that Black Cube Nomadic Art Museum has brought to Denver since it began presenting shows, performances and other assorted oddities in 2014. Black Cube doesn’t have a set space; it moves around and lets whatever environment it lands in shape its shows.

August 06 2018

Cortney Lane Stell & Michal Novotny: A Curatorial Crossing

Written by zingmagazine - Cortney Lane Stell is Executive Director and Chief Curator of Black Cube, a nomadic contemporary art museum based in Denver, Colorado. Michal Novotny is Director and Curator of FUTURA Center for Contemporary Art in Prague, Czech Republic. In their first collaboration, these two organizations have partnered to host Black Cube fellow Devon Dikeou as a FUTURA artist-in-residence in Prague.

August 01 2018

State of the Art

Written by 5280 - If you happened to catch Happy City: Art for the People, a multi-media, multi-installation “pop-up” art project throughout Denver’s public spaces earlier this year, then you’ve already experienced the power of Black Cube.