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Matt Barton

Community Forms

the process

behind the scenes

Site scouting at TAXI Campus

Artist, Matt Barton identifying water mitigation areas

Bioswale (vegetated ditch that helps filter stormwater) located adjacent to the installation

Cortney Stell (Black Cube ED + Curator), Hannah James (Black Cube Program Manager), and Matt zooming to discuss project development

Preliminary stage of Matt's clay model

Next phase of clay model with trees...

Updated clay model design from "human" angle

Meeting with Eric Fanghanel who converted Matt's clay models into CAD renderings

On site with TAXI team and Phantom Concrete to layout the initial design

Matt and his clay model on site as reference for the fabrication

Matt and Chris Berry of Phantom Concrete marking off the areas for demo

Phantom Concrete demoing the site and stacking asphalt to build out forms

Excavating the site

Forms beginning to take shape

Phantom Concrete installing wood stakes and rebar to mark locations for concrete work

Identifying key shapes with rebar