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Molly Berger, Eric Stewart, Jennifer Ling Datchuk

Gold Hill Art Project

the process

behind the scenes

Peruse images from behind the scenes with our guest curator and three Artist Fellows that are working on the Gold Hill Art Project. 

Jennifer's hands after a day working on the Gold Hill Art Project

Artist Fellow, Molly's site visit

a studio shot from Molly Berger's work in process

Artist Fellow, Molly Berger's WIP (work in process)

Artist Fellow, Molly Berger, in her studio

our makeshift podcast recording studio

Artist Fellow, Eric, on a site visit

Artist Fellow, Eric's WIP (work in process)

our guest curator, Laurie Britton Newell, with Artist Fellow Jennifer scouting sites

Gold Hill site visit with Artnet critic Ben Davis

site preparations for Molly's project

Artist Fellow, Jennifer, checking out the Gold Hill Museum

Jennifer's porcelain drains with woven Chinese hair

Artist Fellow, Jennifer, in her studio

Jennifer's concrete + gold material test

Jennifer's sculpture form mock up

guest curator, Laurie, with Molly's tableware

photo shoot for Molly's tableware