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Edge Effect

Biennial of the Americas x Black Cube

Presented by the Biennial of the Americas with artistic direction by Black Cube, Edge Effect features a temporary, public art installation by Guadalajara-based artist Gabriel Rico at Denver's Tail Tracks Plaza, as well as community programming. Rico's art installation, titled La inclusión de mi raza (The inclusion of my race), is composed of a wide range of objects donated by the Denver community that the artist transformed into five totemic sculptures and layered with a custom, interactive augmented reality (AR) component. This assortment of tangible and digital objects is united under the title, La inclusión de mi raza (the inclusion of my race), which challenges humans' common tendency to categorize the world.

In addition to the temporary public art installation at Tail Tracks Plaza, Edge Effect features a public program including an opening celebration, panel discussion, film screening, and artist-led tour. This program is intended to enhance the engagement surrounding Rico’s artwork, bring together experts from diverse fields, and connect with the community.

Organized under the theme of “edge effects,” the curatorial framework addresses artistic confrontations with boundaries and borders by focusing on the in-between spaces where boundaries are transgressed and borders are blurred. Inspired by a biological term, edge effects describe the various effects on plants and animals that occur when one type of habitat conjoins with another—for example, the space where the forest meets the prairie. The concept includes programs that examine social constructs, challenge political definitions, and explore relations and connections between individuals, communities, nations, and nature.

*Public program schedule forthcoming.

Edge Effect is presented by the Biennial of the Americas with artistic direction by Black Cube Nomadic Art Museum.

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Thank you to our supporters and sponsors: Bonfils-Stanton FoundationColorado Creative IndustriesDavid and Laura Merage Foundation, and Riverfront Park Community Foundation.